Byron Allen’s Freestyle Digital Media Acquires Drama ‘The Desiring’ for March Release | Exclusive

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group, has acquired North American VOD rights to the psychological drama “The Desiring.”

According to the official synopsis, “The Desiring” follows “Richard as he leads a simple life until he discovers his wife is having an affair, which unlocks a hidden desire in him. Richard is a typical southern gentleman who loves hunting, work, and his wife, Claire. Life is good. However, when Claire has an affair with his friend Eric, instead of feeling betrayed, Richard finds himself attracted by the affair and starts to secretly watch.” But that’s not all.

The synopsis continues: “As he falls deeper down the rabbit hole, he’s haunted by memories of his spiritually fanatic father whose desire for something more drove him to suicide. This loss traumatized Richard, which poisoned his capacity for longing and deeper intimacy. The closer Richard gets to Claire and Eric, the closer Claire and Eric get to each other. She is finding a deeper connection with Eric that she didn’t find with Richard. When faced with losing Claire, Richard realizes that he’s never fully loved her and finally has to confront his past.” That’s quite the conundrum.

Directed by Byron Lamarque and written by Graham Pritz-Bennett, the film is produced by Lamarque and Pritz-Bennett. Joseph Gray, Suzanne Lenz, Don DiPetta, Randy Spence, Treas Ross, Laura Woyasz, Cat Lellie, Tim Perez-Ross, Pamela Hardy, David Price, H. Jazz Undy, Jessica Pruehs and Tina Reynolds star.

“The hero’s struggle in the film, for me, is akin to Iris Murdoch’s idea of a ‘loving gaze’ — the difficult task of attending to one another through a desire that is purified of selfish projection, that wants nothing but the other as she truly is, in all her devastating and wonderful separateness,” said Lamarque in an official statement.

“Graham’s script provided the richness for me to explore and expand these themes. The entire production process was definitely memorable — the writer was the cinematographer and the director was the editor — but this enabled a creative openness to explore and adapt as the film developed.”

“The Desiring” will be available to rent and own on all digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms worldwide, as well as on DVD, starting on March 1, 2024.

You can watch the trailer above.

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