How to Calculate Your Renovation Budget (In 3 Steps)

Renovations are no walk in the park. Among other struggles, finding the right budget can feel like a headless stumble in the dark. Introducing our Renovation Calculator - in just three simple steps, you can now calculate your ideal renovation budget.

Step 1: Fill In Your Home’s Key Stats

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Our Renovation Calculator uses variables like your house size, property type and the number of rooms to be renovated to help tailor results more accurately to your needs.

Upon finishing the quiz, you can download a personalised renovation budget report to learn more about budgets for homes similar to yours.

Step 2: Plot Out The Renovation Works You’d Like to Do

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The Renovation Calculator includes options for you to toggle how much works you’d like to pay for – be it light, moderate or extensive works. Each option also includes an estimated budget range to give you a rough idea of how things will add up in each room.

Learn to save up by going for some cost-cutting designs and more affordable materials! Check out some nifty money saving tricks interior designers use to lower costs.

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Step 3: Account for Extra or Hidden Costs

Things don’t always add up the way they should! Extra works or hidden costs can throw a wrench. Set aside 10 - 20% on top of your budget range for those what ifs.

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Costs listed in the budget calculator do not include furnishings and appliances. Do remember to add up these areas in order to get the total sum needed for your home’s entire renovation.

Renovation Calculator: Budgeting Made Easy!

The first of its kind in Singapore, our Renovation Calculator allows homeowners to get a transparent, accurate budget range for their personal home renovations, based on data from over $20 million worth of renovation contracts.

Simply fill up the fields and watch as a personalized budget amount is generated for you in a matter of minutes! Each result also comes with a unique budget breakdown report which provides budget trends, budget allocations and useful renovation cost hacks.

Try out the Renovation Calculator here

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