California firefighters deliver baby after parents couldn’t make it to hospital in time

California firefighters deliver baby after parents couldn’t make it to hospital in time

Firefighters stepped in to deliver a baby when a northern Californian couple were unable to make it to a hospital in time.

The crews, more used to saving lives than delivering them, helped the mother give birth to a healthy baby boy on September 14, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) said.

“When a northern California couple with a baby on the way couldn’t make it to the hospital this morning, Cal Fire personnel stepped up,” a statement read.

“Realising they couldn’t make it to the hospital, the couple decided the nearest fire station would be their next best alternative.”

The parents were travelling from Los Banos and pulled into the Pacheco Station in Hollister off Highway 152 at around 6.30am last Thursday when the unnamed mother began to experience contractions.

Firefighters and engineers took immediate action, safely delivering the baby and providing essential care to both the mother and the newborn.

“The delivery proceeded smoothly with no complications, and a healthy baby boy was born at 7.04am,” the statement added.

“This is a prime example of how CAL Fire’s team responds to all manner of emergencies, ensuring the well-being of the community.”

Their important actions were widely praised by the community on Twitter.

“Awww welcome baby! Great job everyone,” one wrote.

Julie St Andre added: “Congratulations to the new parents and to you all at the station! Cigars all round. We love Cal Fire!”

“They should name him Cal right?” Neil Hanner said.

The well-wishes were received by the local station as well.

“Early this morning our Pacheco Station helped to deliver a healthy baby boy!” the area’s fire department tweeted. “As always, we are proud of the strong work and compassion displayed by our firefighters.

“More importantly, we want to wish a very Happy Birthday to this sweet little one!”