Candace Owens Stumped by Basic Black History Quiz


The day before Daily Wire ended their relationship with the often controversial right-wing commentator, Candace Owens paid a visit to hip hop talk show The Breakfast Club, where she was asked a series of questions during what the hosts called a “Black Quiz.” Many of the questions were playful references to Black cultural sayings and songs that Owens struggled with about half the time, but the biggest revelation was that she didn’t know or couldn’t recall basic political facts.

They asked her to name the first Black woman to serve as a Supreme Court justice. “Is it now? Just now?” she asked, still not offering even a guess. “It’s whatchamacallit. I can’t believe I’m blanking on her name. Can you give me a first letter?”

Realizing there was no hope, the hosts told Owens that the first Black female justice is Ketanji Brown Jackson, without expressing any discernible judgment—which must have been a feat.

“Her name is a little tricky,” Owens added.

The Black conservative speaker and author has long been at odds with certain facets of the Black community, so her appearance on the show was inevitably controversial (host Charlamagne Tha God said, “Oh, they’re not gonna like this one” while she was being intro’d).

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Since Owens’ political positions have often made her an outlier in some Black spaces, the “Black Quiz” questions were likely a way to help her connect with The Club’s mostly Black listeners, but it doesn’t seem likely that she would have made much headway there.

Owens was also asked to finish a common Black church exchange phrase, “God is good,” and responded with “God is good. Amen”— another wrong answer. “No, no, no, no,” Charlamagne said. The proper response was “All the time,” they explained. Owens was stumped, and asked, “Where's that from?”

As one Twitter commenter put it, “They said ‘finish the sentence: God is good __________’ and she gave the wrong answer. I don’t wanna hear her say another thing about Black culture as long as I live.”

To her credit, Owens was able to recite the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and name a Maya Angelou poem, which won her some points with the show’s hosts.

Before revealing that she didn’t, however, know the lyrics to the Good Times theme song, she riffed on her relationship with Kanye West, her thoughts on Ice Spice, and explained why, in her opinion, “white lives do matter.”

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