Carly Pearce making 'adjustments' to live shows due to heart condition

Carly Pearce has a heart condition credit:Bang Showbiz
Carly Pearce has a heart condition credit:Bang Showbiz

Carly Pearce needs to make "adjustments" to her live shows to accommodate her heart condition.

The country singer recently revealed she has been diagnosed with the rare but treatable pericarditis - inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart - and while she's happy to be performing on Tim McGraw's 'Standing Room Only' tour, it is important for her to take extra precautions so the shows don't take too much of a toll on her body.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I kind of have to make adjustments just because my heart rate quite literally cannot get above a certain point."

"Fans have been really nice. I had my first three shows this past weekend with Tim McGraw, and they were very kind and showed me a lot of grace. So it looks a little different right now, but we're making it [happen]."

The 34-year-old star is feeling "OK" but trying to "figure out" what her diagnosis means and what changes she needs to make to her life.

Asked about her health, she said: "I'm OK, yeah. It was pericarditis and a pericardial effusion, which is an inflammation and fluid inside the sac of your heart. And so I'm just kinda figuring it out as I go."

Carly felt the need to share her diagnosis in the hope of encouraging others to see a doctor when they don't feel well.

She said: "It is important to be transparent. Because you never know who maybe needs to listen to their body, or maybe is going through something."

Despite her health issues, Carly is in a much better place with her life than when she released her 2021 album '29: Written in Stone', which came out a year after she divorced Michael Ray.

She said: "It's been a long time since I put a record out, you know? '29' was so successful for me, but a lot of pain went into the making of that album.

"So much life has been lived [since then] and I think I really want fans to see that you can go through really hard things and come out on the other side happy. And you don't have to have it all figured out to be happy."

Speaking of her new LP, 'hummingbird', she added: "Hummingbirds are known to be a sign that the healing process can begin and that good luck is on the way and I just feel like I'm in this really beautiful place where so much good luck has happened to me and I have done a lot of healing, a lot of work on myself."