Cat's next-level FOMO over doggo's party goes viral

Viral video captures the cat's hilarious attempt to crash his dog sibling's party

FOMO is an animal thing too as cat tries to have some of fun with his dog sibling and best friend.
The FOMO cat was trying to have some of the fun his dog sibling and best friend was having. (Photos: @doggosdoingthings/Instagram)

It appears that FOMO (fear of missing out) is not just a human thing as animals experience it too. Case in point was this cat who was seen in a viral video trying to join his dog sibling’s play date with his best friend because he does not like feeling left out on some exciting and fun.

The cat's attempts to join in are met with indifference from the dogs, but that doesn't stop him from trying over and over again.

The video was originally posted by an Instagram user who goes by @kate.recreates, and then shared on the page Doggos Doing Things with the caption, "He's definitely the younger sibling." The video shows the playful fight between the dog and his best friend, while the cat tries to insert himself between the two canines. He tries extending his paws and even plays with the dogs' legs, but unfortunately, he is ignored.

“Our dog had his best friend over and our cat just want to be involved,” the text in the video reads.

The video has raked more than 1.3 million views since being posted and a lot of likes and comments. Netizens are laughing their hearts out, saying that the cat should be their spirit animal when it comes to not missing out on fun.

“He may be small, but he feels like one of them,” the text in the video added.

‘He needs a kitty play date’

Some users are touched with how the cat tried to get the dogs’ attention by lifting his “pawsies in the air.”

“Give the kitty a play date too,” one comment suggested, saying that the cat needs to play with creatures like him as well. However, one user pointed out in a reply that since cats are by nature shy, it won’t be as fun as the two dogs playing.

“Cats unfortunately don’t work like this,” the user said.

Another user is touched by how close-knit the relationship of the animals are, saying that they wish their pets were just like them.

“That’s so adorable. All my pets can’t stand each other,” said the user accompanied with a teary-eyed emoji.

Meanwhile, another user, seemingly trying to guess what’s on the dog’s mind, said: “Sorry, my mum made me promise to let my dumb little brother be involved.”

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