Celebrities shouldn't feel guilty about weight-loss drugs, says Dr Phil

Dr Phil has defended celebrities who use weight-loss drugs credit:Bang Showbiz
Dr Phil has defended celebrities who use weight-loss drugs credit:Bang Showbiz

Dr Phil believes celebrities shouldn't "feel guilty" about using weight-loss drugs.

Various well-known celebrities - including Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Clarkson and Sharon Osbourne - have confessed to using weight-loss medication over recent months, but the veteran TV star has now hit back at suggestions that they should feel a sense of guilt or shame.

Dr Phil - who actually rose to fame on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' in the late 90s - told 'Extra': "What business is it of anybody else how someone is managing their health?

"If someone is using a tool to help them get back to health, help them lose weight, which takes the pressure off their heart, this isn’t something they should be criticised about."

Meanwhile, Oprah recently confessed to being a "steadfast participant" in America's diet culture.

The 70-year-old TV star acknowledges that she's played an influential role in shaping the conversation around diet and health in the US.

Oprah said on a YouTube special: "I want to acknowledge that I have been a steadfast participant in this diet culture.

"Through my platforms, through the magazine, through the talk show for 25 years and online, I've been a major contributor to it. I cannot tell you how many weight-loss shows and makeovers I have done and they have been a staple since I've been working in television."

Oprah - who hosted her own TV talk-show for 25 years - admitted to having some regrets about her approach.

She said: "I've shared how that famous wagon of fat on 'The Oprah Show' is one of my biggest regrets. It sent a message that starving yourself with a liquid diet set a standard for people watching that I nor anybody else could uphold.

"The very next day I began to gain the weight back ... That wagon of fat moment was set into motion after years and years of thinking that my struggle with my weight was my fault and it has taken me even up until last week to process the shame I felt privately as my very public yo-yo diet moments became a national joke."