A celebrity stylist says the TikTok bow trend is the easy way to be on trend next season

A celebrity stylist says the TikTok bow trend is the easy way to be on trend next season
  • Bows are going to be one of the biggest trends next season.

  • Celebrity stylist Samantha Brown told BI the trend is easy to follow using what you already own.

  • TikTok fashion creators are finding innovative ways to add bows to their outfits.

Celebrity stylist Samantha Brown told Business Insider that bows are going to be a statement trend next season, and you likely already have what you need to create the look in your closet or craft drawer.

Bows were all over fashion month in September, from runways to street-style looks.

Malone Souliers, an Italian shoe brand, featured corsetry-inspired bows in its next collection as a tribute to the ever-expanding coquette and ballet-core trends.

A pair of gold pointed heels with a ribbon and bow tie up detail.
A pair of shoes from the Malone Souliers presentation on September 18 in London, England.Priya Raj / Business Insider

Simone Rocha is another designer that had bow details in all shapes and sizes in her spring/summer 2024 collection.

Though these details are going to be commonplace in next season's collections, that doesn't mean buying a whole new wardrobe.

"Bows are easy to recreate by removing the sash from a dress and tying it over a cardigan or blazer," Brown told BI.

She added that you could also use thick craft ribbon to tie bows onto your outfits.

TikTok fashion creators are already ahead of the curve with innovative takes on this trend – the hashtag #bowjeans currently has more than 4.4 million views.

Creator Lara Arno posted a TikTok in September that has more than 1.1 million views as of Saturday, showing her tying ribbon through the belt loops of her slouchy blue jeans to create a flattering shape and add character to the outfit.

Other creators have piggybacked off the bow-jeans trend by finding new ways to add bows to their outfits.

Grace Fforde, a fashion creator, posted a TikTok in September with a unique take on the trend, saying that tying bows through the arm holes of an oversized T-shirt can create a more flattering shape.

Fforde told BI that her personal style is a balance of feminine and masculine aesthetics, and the bows lend themselves to this. She added that she doesn't think she was the first to start the T-shirt bow trend, given its popularity.

Ashlyn Greer, co-founder of online styling platform Fashivly told BI that bows can be added to any aspect of your look, so get creative.

"Tie a ribbon in your hair, around your neck, or DIY a sweater you already own by attaching a bow barrette," she added.

"Bows and ribbon now really seem to have taken over everyone's style — we have a current obsession with bows adorning everything," Fforde told BI.

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