Chair says Libertarians are ‘confused’ by RFK Jr.’s VP pick

The chair of the Libertarian National Committee said its members are “confused” by Robert F. Kennedy’s Jr. vice presidential pick, which he announced Tuesday.

“I think that a lot of libertarians are a little bit confused over why he chose Nicole Shanahan. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but she doesn’t necessarily fit into alignment with any of our views,” Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle said on NewsNation’s “The Hill.”

Kennedy announced tech attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his pick for vice president during an event in Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday. When pressed further on why Libertarians are unsure about Kennedy’s choice, McArdle noted that she had supported President Biden and now-Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“So I’m really unsure how she’s going to fit in with the Libertarian Party. You know, I’m anxious to hear about it,” she added.

Kennedy switched to an independent White House bid in the fall after first launching his campaign in the Democratic presidential primary against President Biden. During remarks Tuesday, Shanahan said she will leave the Democratic Party.

In recent months, Kennedy has fueled speculation that he will join the Libertarian Party’s ticket for the presidential election in November. When asked about conversations McArdle has had with Kennedy, she emphasized that any Libertarian presidential candidate would need to make an effort to get the support of the party.

Earlier this month, McArdle said no decision has been made on whether to put Kennedy on the ticket. McArdle said Tuesday that while picking Shanahan may not disqualify Kennedy from joining the Libertarian ticket, it definitely does not help him.

“I think that he’s going to have to really show us, and she certainly will as well, that they care about individual and economic freedom in particular, and that they want to continue to be, you know, they want to be our standard-bearers,” she said. “And I certainly understand, you know, that they’re not going to come into alignment with us on every single issue.”

She added that the party wants someone “who’s going to be radical.”

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