Changi Airport makes short films with local filmmakers to encourage travel amid pandemic

From left to right: Huang Junxiang, Li Kayue, Zon Chan, Kathleen Bu, Eysham Ali, Li Lin Wee. (Photo: Changi Airport Group)
From left to right: Huang Junxiang, Li Kayue, Zon Chan, Kathleen Bu, Eysham Ali, Li Lin Wee. (Photo: Changi Airport Group)

Changi Airport Group has collaborated with local filmmakers Eysham Ali, Kathleen Bu, Li Kayue and Zon Chan to produce Where Dreams Take Flight: Singaporean Short Stories, which consists of three short films set in Changi Airport.

In a time marked by safe distancing, self-isolation and physical barriers, the project aims to capture untold stories of human connections at Changi Airport, while exploring themes such as family relationships, social interactions, and personal aspirations.

The four talents were invited to participate in the project based on their experience in filmmaking, style of execution and ability to create stories that resonate. They are also mentored by award-winning local filmmakers Li Lin Wee and Huang Junxiang, whose experience provided valuable insights and perspectives to the budding filmmakers.

“Personally, it is energising and inspiring to work with young filmmakers, to hear their story ideas and help them through the process of bringing the films to fruition,” said Li Lin Wee.

Showcasing the individuality and creativity of the local filmmakers, each of the three short films presents a unique look at the interactions that take place in a familiar setting for many Singaporeans and travellers. Through the shared experience of travelling through Changi Airport, the films hope to inspire both Singaporeans and international travellers to travel, reigniting the desire to fly again.

Auntie Oh Lives In Your Memories is the first of the three films to be launched. Set in a time when flights are curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the film brings viewers on a whimsical journey as the protagonist, Auntie Oh (played by Neo Swee Lin) who works at Changi Airport’s baggage claim division, discovers the lives behind the abandoned luggage of passengers. From an unexpected friendship in France to finding love in Hong Kong, she rediscovers the joy of social interaction and the beauty of life.

Auntie Oh Lives In Your Memories has also been officially selected in the Singapore Panorama segment at the Singapore International Film Festival this year. The two other short films Last Call and Vuja De will be released in 2022.

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