Chantalle Ng, self-proclaimed Slytherin, used to live life in a 'constant chase'

The Singapore actress also shared how the opportunity to enter the China market came serendipitously after a conversation with veteran actor Christopher Lee.

Local actress Chantalle Ng realised this year that she has been living the life she wanted as a child. (Photo: Instagram/chantalleng)
Local actress Chantalle Ng realised this year that she has been living the life she wanted as a child. (Photo: Instagram/chantalleng)

Is it time to slow down and smell the roses?

For local actress Chantalle Ng, who saw her star power rise ever since her breakout role in My Star Bride, this has been one of her biggest realisations this year.

Revealing that she has been a fan of Harry Potter since young, and more specifically a Slytherin, Ng felt that traits associated with members of the series' fictional house aligned with how she perceives herself.

In a recent interview with AsiaOne, the actress, 28, described herself as “ambitious” and has “a lot of things” that she wanted to achieve.

“Ever since before graduation, I've been like, okay, I'm going to get my degree and then I'm going to sign a contract and then I'm going to have this and that,” said the young star, who had planned out her life goals before graduating from Singapore Management University in 2019.

Yet, she wasn’t even aware that she was already living the life she wanted as a child, despite being in it.

It was only recently, when she was reflecting on her life, that she realised she was in a “constant chase”.

“I don't know why I was still continuously in pursuit of something more. I think the biggest realisation I had this year is that actually, life is good. I am where I am, I am where I want myself to be, and I see how great it is and I started to feel very grateful that life has led me to this point,” said Ng.

Though she has wondered what life could have been if she made different decisions, Ng believes her path now is the destined one and has no regrets.

Her professional life seems to be headed for greater things, too, as she signed with Huanyu Entertainment, thus opening the doors of her career to China. Other local celebrities who were signed include Ayden Sng and Hong Ling.

The opportunity also came serendipitously, as Ng told AsiaOne that it was months after she had a discussion with veteran actor Christopher Lee about expanding his career overseas.

She was wondering how he made it seems so easy, as he “decided to go abroad at the age of 40” and managed to get a best actor award.

In response, Lee told her to grab hold of any opportunities when they come.

So, when Huanyu Entertainment’s contact came, it was an easy decision for Ng.

She said, “If anything, I'm very grateful for this opportunity to go overseas and to see the world exactly as I wanted when I was having that conversation with Christopher.”

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