Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez filmed Fast X fight scene without a director: ‘We don’t need one’

Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez have proven themselves skilled enough fighters that they didn’t need a director while filming their Fast X fight sequence.

The two return to the popular Fast and Furious franchise in the 10th film, with Theron reprising her role as notorious cyberterrorist Cipher and Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz, the wife of lead street racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel).

In the action movie’s trailer, released last month, Cipher and Ortiz engage in an all-out, epic brawl after waking up in a science lab together.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in a new interview about the scene, Rodriguez explained that they “shot our [Fast X] fight sequence with no director”.

“Can I just tell you – no pun intended, but Charlize is a monster,” the Avatar actor praised.

“Bro, like, hands down, drop mic, we nailed it. We were there, we don’t need [a director], let’s do this.”

Fast X is directed by Louis Leterrior, who took over from former Fast and Furious director Justin Lin after he reportedly quit the franchise due to a “major disagreement” with Diesel.

Charlize Theron in ‘Fast and Furious’ (YouTube)
Charlize Theron in ‘Fast and Furious’ (YouTube)

Lin has directed five of the car-racing franchise’s lucrative movies, returning after a two-film break for last year’s ninth outing, F9.

He also co-wrote the latest instalment with Dan Mazeau, and will stay on as a producer for the film.

While no principal director was on set, according to Rodriguez, she did say they were accompanied by a “second unit director”.

“We kept that train running until Louie came in and took over,” she said.

The Independent has contacted Universal Pictures for comment.

The forthcoming movie sees Toretto and his family face the ultimate threat from a revenge-thirsty figure from the past whose mission is to destroy Toretto’s world and everything and everyone he loves.

Making their Fast and Furious debut in Fast X are Jason Mamoa and Brie Larson, who play Villian and Tess respectively.

Fast X releases in cinemas on 19 May.