Chinese father supports son despite his bad grades in viral video


A man from Shandong province in eastern China is being lauded on social media for strongly supporting his son despite the child's academic underperformance.

How his son is doing: The man, who has not been identified but said his job was as a national senior psychological counselor, was invited to speak about his child at a recent parent-teacher meeting at an elite elementary school in Qingdao. He apologized to the teachers as his son's low grades dragged the average mark of the rest of the class.

What he’s saying: While his son ranked last in class, the man said he remained hopeful that the child will still have a bright future. He added that he was relieved because his son could still eat and sleep well despite his poor grades, adding that he has “a very strong mentality, even better than mine.”

“I am the holder of a psychologist consultant’s certificate,” he said in a now-viral video posted on his Douyin channel. “Strong mentality and a high emotional quotient are crucial to success in our careers.”

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The father thanked his son’s teachers for their work. He said he has seen some progress in the boy's marks, noting that he could now “score 60 out of 100 in tests.”

“I think he has a chance to become an extraordinary person in the future,” he said.

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Reactions: The man's speech was reposted by Changsha Mobile Television and received over 1.6 million likes on Douyin. Many users praised him for having his son's back.

"What he said is excellent. The child is still young and encouragement is necessary for progress. With such a good dad, this child is sure to succeed," one user wrote.

Another commented, "With such a father, such a family and such an open mind, one can nurture outstanding individuals."

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"Poor grades do not reflect a person's character," another affirmed. "Those with exceptional talents may contribute to the nation, but those with average abilities can still find joy and fulfillment within the family."


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