Chris Hayes Checks On Trump's 'Fragile Ego' After Hearing 'Mean Tweets' About Himself

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes laid out some of the “mean tweets” former President Donald Trump was forced to hear about himself in court on Tuesday.

On day two of jury selection for Trump’s hush money trial, potential jurors’ past social media posts about the former president were read out in court as prosecutors and defense attorneys debated potential bias.

That meant the notoriously thin-skinned presumptive GOP nominee was forced to sit and hear unkind things about himself, including one meme calling him “dumb as fuck,” and another that said, “This isn’t what we meant when we said Orange is the New Black,” with pictures of Trump and former President Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, Hayes said the episode resembled a “late night Jimmy Kimmel ‘mean tweets’ skit.”

“That’s what Donald Trump had to sit through yesterday,” he said. “This is a person whose entire life, in some ways, revolves around a sick and destructive desire for praise, as well as revenge against those who dare to say anything negative about him.”

He pointed to a tidbit in a New York Times report about one of Trump’s aides, who was said to be using a wireless printer to provide the former president with a “stream of good news from the internet” in the courtroom.

Hayes added, “Trump’s fragile ego was further on display today in a social media rant against Jimmy Kimmel, who slighted him at the Oscars last month after Trump attacked him.”

Trump went on a lengthy Truth Social tirade against the comedian on Wednesday, calling him a “stupid” victim of “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME” and seemingly confusing him with Al Pacino.

Watch the MSNBC segment below.