Chris Hayes Explains How Trump’s Project 2025 Will ‘Actively Make’ Climate Change Worse | Video

Chris Hayes explained Tuesday how the proposed climate platform within the Republican Party’s Project 2025 has plans to “actively make it worse.”

With record high temperatures across the nation practically “melting our faces” and the earliest-ever recorded Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic, climate change is impossible to ignore, the host of MSNBC’s “All In” argued.

Hayes continued that even Republicans who have for decades “lied about climate change” cannot explain it away any longer. Still, former President Donald Trump actively avoided the topic at the CNN debate June 27, referencing a prior point about his relationship with the police.

The Project 2025 party platform, meanwhile, vows to end the current climate initiative under President Joe Biden’s administration.

“The proposed Republican Party platform says nothing about promoting green energy,” Hayes said of the current Project 2025 documents. “They just want to ‘drill, baby, drill.’”

The project aims to “oppose eyesore windmills built at taxpayers’ expense” and support the repeal of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act that they acknowledged are actually “providing hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies to renewable energy developers.”

“Not only do they have no plan to mitigate the effects of climate change, they want to actively make it worse by undoing all climate regulations.”

Hayes previously reported on Project 2025 last week, calling the 900-page document a guide to how “a second Trump administration can weaponize the federal government in pursuit of, frankly, frighteningly authoritarian vision.” He credited Taraji B. Henson for bringing awareness to Project 2025 while hosting the BET Awards, and said more people are becoming aware of what amounts to a “wish list of a bunch of fringe, far-right policy proposals” from the Heritage Foundation that’s “a straight-up dictatorial fantasy of control over the American people.”

“What this means is that this small coterie of hard-right zealots, these really creepy weirdos, are going to exert total control over every aspect of your life, in terms of what you look at and what you read, what you mail, what your healthcare is,” Hayes said.

Watch the full “All In” segment in the video above.

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