Chris Hayes Mocks Trump for Needing to Read Good News About Himself During Trial: ‘Like a Child With an iPad’ | Video

One detail stood out to “everyone involved” that Donald Trump is “losing his patience” on the 15th day of his hush money trial in New York said Chris Hayes on Friday night. To keep himself occupied, Trump was seen rifling through a stack of papers that proved to be positive articles all about himself—”much like a child with an iPad at a restaurant,” the “All In” host added.

The articles are the work of an aide known by Trump’s team as the “human printer.” The unnamed aide travels with a portable printer at all times so that she’s able to print out pro-Trump pieces for the GOP presidential candidate to read no matter where he is. “The ex-president needs to be entertained during the less salacious portions of his trial,” Hayes added.

The practice isn’t anything new. Trump also received positive news clippings throughout his civil trial in 2023, and according to Maggie Haberman’s piece in the New York Times on the same topic, the aide in question has even been seen at the golf course, trailing behind Trump while bearing sheaves of articles all about his favorite topic: himself.

“Donald Trump’s need to be mollified, validated, apparently extends to his actual legal defense,” Hayes added. As such, he continued, Trump’s attorneys chose to display a January 2017 article from the New York Times as evidence… because Trump is said to be fond of the photo that accompanied the print version of the piece. “Trump is enamored with how he looks in the attached picture,” he explained, “which I find sort of adorable.”

(The photo is not attached to the version of the article found online but can been seen at the 1:55 point in the video from Hayes’ broadcast).

The day’s testimony was “a little on the dryer side” when compared to that from Stormy Daniels earlier in the week, which might have explained Trump’s need for entertainment… at his own legal trial.

Hayes isn’t the only person who’s noted Trump’s youthful behavior. On Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon joked that an iPad might be helpful when it comes to keeping Trump awake during the legal proceedings.

He said, “I read that in an effort to stop Trump from falling asleep in court, his lawyers have been giving him a number of different devices. A number of devices? So far, the only thing that can keep him awake is an iPad playing ‘Bluey.'”

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