Chris Pine is clueless about Star Trek 4

Chris Pine is in the dark about the prospect of a fourth 'Star Trek' film.

The 43-year-old actor has portrayed Captain James T. Kirk in the three previous movies in the rebooted sci-fi series and explained that he was surprised to discover that 'The Flight Attendant' creator Steve Yockey had been hired to write the script as he thought that a screenplay was already in existence.

Chris told Business Insider: "I honestly don't know.

"There was something in the news of a new writer coming on board. I thought there was already a script, but I guess I was wrong, or they decided to pivot. As it's always been with 'Trek', I just wait and see."

It is not the first time that the 'Wonder Woman' actor has lamented the lack of clarity about the fourth movie as he previously complained about how the cast are always the "last people" to discover new information.

Chris said: "In 'Star Trek' land, the actors are usually the last people to find out anything. I know costume designers that have read scripts before the actors.

"It doesn't really foster the greatest sense of partnership, but it's how it's always been. I love the character. I love the people. I love the franchise. But to try to change the system in which things are created – I just can't do it. I don't have the energy."

The fourth 'Star Trek' picture has been stuck in development for several years but Roddenberry Entertainment boss Trevor Roth has promised that a new film is going to be released in the "very near future".

He told Screen Rant at SXSW earlier this year: "I am not able to say much, but I can say that it is Paramount's intent to figure out the 'Star Trek' side of movies and what's going on there. There's every intent of a new movie coming out in the very near future.

"There's a lot of secrecy around what's going to happen there. But there is a plan getting into place. And we're very excited to see it return to the big screen."