Christians Aid Migrants Because Church Is Run By Satan, Marjorie Taylor Greene Says

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) recently told a far-right Catholic media organization that “Satan’s controlling the church” of Christians who provide aid to undocumented immigrants.

The extremist lawmaker, whose website boasts of her “strong Christian faith,” sat down for an interview Thursday with right-wing activist Michael Voris, founder of Church Militant.

In a clip from the interview released by the group Right Wing Watch, Voris asked Greene about Catholic organizations in the U.S. that use federal funding to help resettle undocumented immigrants and refugees.

“I thought we had a separation of church and state,” Greene said in response.

“What it is, is Satan’s controlling the church,” she continued. “The church is not doing its job, and it’s not adhering to the teachings of Christ, and it’s not adhering to what the word of God says we’re supposed to do and how we’re supposed to live.”

She added that Christian groups that say you should take care of migrants are “destroying our laws” and taking advantage of Americans.

“Yes, we are supposed to love one another, but their definition of what love one another means, means destroying our laws,” she said. “It means completely perverting what our Constitution says. It means taking unreal advantage of the American taxpayer. And it means pushing a globalist policy on the American people and forcing America to become something that we are not supposed to be.”

She also suggested that the U.S. government should sever foreign aid to the home countries of undocumented immigrants who are “illegally invading.”

“We should hold those countries accountable,” she said. “‘Oh, I’m sorry, Guatemala, you’re not getting a check this year because you’ve sent X number of thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of people to illegally invade our country as if they’re an army.”

Greene’s comments earned a rebuke from the Catholic League, an organization that defends the religious and civil rights of Catholics.

In a statement, the group’s president, Bill Donohue, called Greene “a disgrace” and said she needed to apologize immediately.

“She had plenty of opportunities to make rational criticisms of the agency, but instead she slandered the entire Catholic Church,” he said. “We are contacting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about this matter. He’s got a loose cannon on his hands.”

Voris, a devout supporter of former President Donald Trump, has claimed that Catholics support men like Trump because they “no longer see any trace of masculinity in their religious leaders.” In 2020, he warned that not voting for Trump would result in Christians being “identified, hunted down, declared ‘illegal’ for some made-up reason.”

“Don’t be expressing your regrets as you’re herded onto the trains heading for the camps,” he wrote.

In Church Militant’s write-up of Greene’s interview, it declared she was “universally despised by the Marxist Left for her straight shooting and belief in Christ” and claimed that was the reason Greene’s critics are “using trumped-up accusations about Jan. 6” to block her from running for reelection.

The day after the interview, Greene testified in a hearing about whether she is qualified to run for reelection in Georgia. She is accused of assisting the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, which could be considered a violation of the 14th Amendment prohibition on members of Congress taking part in an “insurrection or rebellion.”

She faces a lawsuit from a group of her constituents represented by Free Speech for People, an organization that advocates for fair elections.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.