Ciryl Gane explains why Jon Jones can expect tougher fight than Francis Ngannou

Ciryl Gane explains why Jon Jones can expect tougher fight than Francis Ngannou

Ciryl Gane has warned Jon Jones to expect a tougher test than a fight against former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

After the Cameroonian-French’s shock UFC exit over the weekend, Dana White moved to confirm a heavyweight battle between Gane and Jones for the vacant belt at UFC 285 in March.

And Gane, a newcomer to MMA, having only made his debut in the sport in 2018, believes his versatile game can cause Jones problems.

“I know I’ve got good footwork at first, I think I’m a little bit more well-rounded [than Ngannou],” Gane said.

“I look a little bit more like Jon Jones. Yes, when you have a big guy that just wants to kill you with one punch, it’s more easier for a guy well-rounded and smart like Jon Jones to manage the situation.

“Me, also, I am not like that. I like to manage the situation. It’s going to be really good.”

Gane added that he used to look up to Jones when developing as a fighter and considers him to be the greatest UFC fighter of all time.

“When I started watching this, Jon Jones was one of my favorite fighters,” Gane added.

“More when I started MMA, because I’m a fan of every sport in MMA, and when you look at a guy like Jon Jones, who’s well-rounded like this, you really appreciate it. He’s the GOAT. Look at his career.

“Today, I’m a young fighter, and I think it’s the dream of every young fighter to fight against a GOAT. This is really crazy for me.”

Gane is not the only fighter to believe he poses a more compelling test for Jones either, with former champion Daniel Cormier of the belief that the French fighter’s movement can be decisive.

“I thought Jon vs Francis was the biggest and my most anticipated fight because of the dangers that Francis Ngannou presents to Jon Jones with the power and everything,” Cormier said when analysing the fight on his YouTube channel.

“But let’s not go crazy and act as if Jon Jones hasn’t seen power before. He’s seen power. Nothing like the power of Ngannou, but I believe that what he has now may be a more difficult style matchup in Ciryl Gane...”

“Ciryl Gane’s movement, and the way that he attacks is going to make him very difficult for Jones, because as good as Jones is, Jones isn’t a guy that moves very much. He’s very stationary and going forward. He’s long, so he uses those long-range weapons to really take control of guys like me and other guys he’s fought in the Octagon. But he’s not a guy that moves around and creates a ton of angles.

“A lot of straight and long range weapons... The issue is with Ciryl Gane, you’re going to have a big guy who possesses a lot of those same qualities, with the ability to move. Go back and watch Jones, he’s pretty flatfooted. Gane isn’t.”