Kong Hee on wife Sun Ho's website hacking: This episode is particularly malicious

Singer and co-founder of City Harvest Church Sun Ho accompanies her husband and church founder Kong Hee to court during the first tranche of the trial Kong and five others are facing in May this year. (Yahoo file photo)

[UPDATED on 3 September: Adding Kong Hee's comments]

City Harvest Church founder and senior pastor Kong Hee on Monday evening condemned the hacking of his wife Ho Yeow Sun's official website, calling it "particularly malicious".

In comments issued through his lawyers, Kong said the message the hacker left on her site was "hateful" and "filled with threats and insults" against both him and Ho.

"I am also very concerned that the hacker's statements appear to have been intended to cause readers to influence and prejudge the issues in the criminal proceedings that are presently ongoing in the Singapore Court," he said, referring to the ongoing funds misappropriation trial involving himself and five other church leaders, one of whom had since left City Harvest.

"While Sun and I have been the subject of criticism and comment over the years, this episode is particularly malicious," he added, mentioning also that he and Ho on Monday filed a police report on the hacking.

"I hope that the authorities will act to protect the integrity of the administration of justice, and take all the necessary steps to find and stop the person or persons responsible for these malicious acts."

In the wee hours of Monday morning, Ho's website, www.heyaosun.com, was found to be hacked by a person who signed off as "The Messiah aka U.P".

The hacker left a long message accusing Ho of, among other things, having "failed as a wife, as a singer and most importantly… as a human being".

The hacker also threatened to expose her "hidden agenda", and alluded to the ongoing funds misappropriation trial. The group was last year charged with channelling about $24 million in church building funds into Ho's singing career.

Screengrabs revealed that some of Ho's pictures were also posted on the hacked site. One of them appeared to be a picture of her from her childhood, while another was of her at fashion designer Christian Audigier's 50th birthday bash last year. The phrase "The Lord is displeased" was also repeated in red at various junctures. At the end of the page, a line in red read, "You do not want to displease me any further, especially since I could be the second coming."

The website was taken down later on Monday morning.