Clamour grows for SMRT CEO to step down

Public clamour for SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa grew on Saturday when the third train disruption in the week hit the North-South MRT line in the morning.

Just the day before, Saw said in a press briefing that no effort would be spared to stop a recurrence of the massive outage that hit the same line on Thursday evening and which affected an estimated 127,000 commuters.

Petitions for her ouster circulated online and members of the public posted comments on social media sites and Yahoo! calling on her to resign.

When asked about calls for her to step down on Friday, Saw said customers had the right to make judgments, and she would consider resigning if it was necessary.

Yahoo! user CHAN said, "I feel that the CEO should step after so many breakdown. Saying sorry is not enough. A new leadership should be taking over from her, its time for her to resign."

On Facebook, user Erika Ng said in a comment on Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom's page, "The CEO said she will seriously consider resigning at the press conference yesterday. She can tender her resignation right now, need no consideration anymore."

Another user, Skyee Alfonso, said, "Didn't they check all tracks after the major disruption on Thursday? It show(s) that they haven't learn(t) their lessons."