Clarkson's Farm fans beg Jeremy Clarkson to propose to Lisa Hogan on special day

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan have been together for seven years

Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson promote Clarkson's Farm
Clarkson's Farm fans beg Jeremy Clarkson to propose to Lisa Hogan on special day. (Getty)

Clarkson's Farm viewers want to see Jeremy Clarkson put a ring on his romance with Lisa Hogan.

The couple's romance has played out on the popular Prime Video series Clarkson's Farm which sees the presenter get stuck into farming life at Diddly Squat Farm. While their love story doesn't take centre stage of the show, Clarkson's Farm fans revealed they would get behind a proposal.

In the latest season, Hogan hinted she wanted Clarkson to propose in fun-filled scenes. Now social media was buzzing with fans begging the former Grand Tour presenter to take his relationship to the next level for a special reason, with one fan writing: "Marry that woman!"

It was Hogan's birthday and the couple were celebrating in style at Diddly Squat Farm in the Cotswolds countryside. Leading the fans on social media, one person wrote beneath the post on Instagram: "When are you gonna propose?"

Others added: "The council has approved marriage."

"Marry her for crying out loud."

"Gonna engage or smth?"

"When are you going to marry her? Make sure she signs a prenuptial or she’ll take half of everything. If that did happen though, who gets Kaleb and Gerald?"

"WHAT!!! You’re not engaged yet??!! (no pressure!)"

"Happy birthday to the most patient woman I know."

"When are you gonna put a ring on it? Maybe then she’ll stop selling things she’s not supposed to in the farm shop."

"Happy Birthday, Lisa !!... and again, for God's sake, Jezza , marry Lisa !!!! That's if she even wants to."

Hogan has made no secret of her hopes of a proposal.

She previously admitted in an interview that she had once popped the question to Clarkson but she said he hadn't heard her. "Jeremy doesn’t think I proposed but he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids, so no one will know," she told The Times.

Clarkson promised he had a big surprise for Hogan while filming Clarkson's Farm. "Is it a proposal?" Immediately she asked while the couple wandered through a spring meadow in scenes filmed in April last year. The shop manager confessed she always thinks a proposal is imminent. "Every time I think you've got a surprise, I think he's going to propose!" She told the cameras.

However, his surprise wasn't quite as romantic as his girlfriend had hoped for. Clarkson took Hogan into the woodland on Diddly Squat Farm to see the tree now standing tall. He said: "Remember the tree fell down? We had to put it back up again. Come have a look... Look at that. That's the tree we put back up."

Lisa Hogan pictured in Clarkson's Farm season three. (Prime Video)
Lisa Hogan pictured in Clarkson's Farm season three. (Prime Video)

Impressed, Hogan said: "Wow." She couldn't resist teasing him over the idea of a proposal too though as she tapped his chest and said: "I'll think about the proposal. I'm not ready yet."

Hogan and Clarkson have been going steady for seven years since they first started dating in 2017. It has been reported that they met at a party through mutual friends.

The farm shop manager has spoken about their courtship in the past. "It was quite a long courtship as I didn’t know where he was in his life. And I wasn’t ready to start dating again; didn’t want to go out with anyone," she previously told The Times. "He had to court me for three months."

Clarkson has been married twice before. His first marriage to Alex Hall in 1989 was short-lived. He later married his manager Frances Cain in 1993 but they got a divorce in 2014.