Classic Trigun Manga Gets Fancy Reprint After Being Gone For 15 Years

An image shows Trigun's first manga volume cover.
An image shows Trigun's first manga volume cover.

Love & Peace, readers.

On Tuesday, Dark Horse Comics announced that the Trigun manga as well as its sequel manga, Trigun Maximum, are getting their own deluxe hardcover reprints later this year and in early 2024, respectively.

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According to Anime News Network, the Trigun deluxe edition will compile the first two volumes of the Trigun manga in a hefty 672-page book while Trigun Maximum’s hardcover treatment will tally out to a respectable total of 584 pages. Both editions will have an oversized 7x10" page format just like Dark Horse’s giant Berserk manga tomes. The Trigun hardcover deluxe edition comes out on December 6 and Trigun Maximum’s is slated to release in April 2024.

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Return to your Trigun yaoi, ‘Bigolas Dickolas.’ You’ve earned it

Trigun is a ‘90s manga that follows a pacifist gunslinger named Vash as he makes his way across a post-apocalyptic desert to confront his evil twin brother. While the anime that debuted a few years later largely adapts the events of Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga, the show has its own original ending because the manga’s publisher, Monthly Shonen Captain, was shut down in the middle of the series’ publication. Trigun Maximum’s storyline, which takes place after the events of the Trigun manga, follows Vash’s story two years after the events of the original Trigun manga.

Courtesy of studio Orange, Trigun is currently getting a CGI remake, Trigun Stampede, which ended its first season on March 25 and has been renewed for a second. Additionally, Trigun has recently received a lot of attention outside of weeb circles thanks to a viral tweet from a series fan who calls themselves “bigolas dickolas wolfwood.” The tweet wasn’t about Trigun itself, but rather a strong recommendation for Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone’s 2019 queer science fiction novel, This Is How You Lose The Time War, which propelled the book back up the Amazon bestseller lists. I won’t suggest that Bigolas Dickolas’ influential tweet was the domino that led to us getting reprints of Trigun, but I pray that their transition into being an entertaining main character on Twitter won’t impede upon their retweeting of Trigun yaoi fan art.

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