Cloud’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Actor Says Shippers Are Too Damn Horny

Cloud and Aerith talk with fireworks in the background.
Cloud and Aerith talk with fireworks in the background.

Cody Christian, the voice of Cloud Strife in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, has some bold (but reasonable) feelings on how shippers direct conversations in fandom toward romantic interpretations. Anyone who is even tangentially aware of Final Fantasy VII knows that there’s a decades-long shipping war between fans who want the RPG’s broody protagonist to get with either the boxing bartender Tifa or the friendly flower seller Aerith. It turns out Christian has feelings on the matter after his time voicing the Buster Sword-wielding hero.

In an exchange on X (formerly Twitter), Christian posted a piece of art depicting Cloud shouting Tifa’s name by @sulahasbackpain, to which a user responded asking if the actor was trying to start a shipping war in the responses. Christian said folks were allowed their opinions and that after working on the supernatural teen drama Teen Wolf, he’s privy to how these conversations go. But he also says that, in his experience, shipping wars come from a narrow view of how characters can relate to each other.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming to PlayStation 5 on February 29, and we’ll see if its remixed timeline ends the shipping wars once and for all. But if I’ve learned anything on Sephiroth’s internet, it’s that shipping can survive even the most cataclysmic plot development if you believe hard enough.

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