CNBLUE starting a ZEPP Tour in Japan

CNBLUE will be having a ZEPP Tour and participate in a rock festival this summer.

CNBLUE will be starting their ZEPP Tour in Japan on July 24th in Hokkaido, and they will be having 10 concerts in 5 different cities in Japan.

It will be CNBLUE's second ZEPP tour this year, and it will be held in Hokkaido (July 24~25th), Nagoya(29~30th), Fukuoka(August 1st~2nd), Tokyo(6~7th), and Osaka(14~15th).

In addition, CNBLUE will be participating in 'ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013' and 'SUMMER SONIC 2013' as Korean representatives.

'ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL' is a festival that a great number of famous Japanese rock bands participated in, and 'SUMMER SONIC' is the largest rock festival Asia.

On the other hand, CNBLUE will be having their next '2013 World Tour - Blue Moon' concert on June 29th at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, China, and they will be releasing their 6th single, 'Lady'.

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