Who is Colombia's 'king of TikTok' Hernandez?

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Who is Colombia’s ‘king of TikTok’ Rodolfo Hernandez?

1// He’s the former mayor of the northern city Bucaramanga

He resigned after getting in trouble with the procurator general

for participating in politics, which is prohibited for officials after election

He also got suspended for slapping a city councillor

2// Hernandez has vowed to tackle corruption

as well as strengthen law and order and create jobs

"Colombia's problem, its terminal cancer, is that politicians are robbing from Colombia by the ton. They are struggling and it's normal to keep stealing and continue treating us like useful idiots. Let's not allow that. In order to thoroughly break with that, on June 19 we need to have a vote that exceeds 12 million votes to really have a clear, forceful mandate that leaves out all those political forces that have ruined us for more than 50 years."

3// He is facing an investigation by the attorney general’s office

for allegedly intervening in a trash collection tender while mayor

to benefit a company his son had lobbied for

Hernandez denies the accusations

4// The 77-year-old is a civil engineer and construction magnate

He says he has amassed $100million via his construction company

5// Hernandez has relied heavily on social media

posting eccentric videos on TikTok

including one of him riding an electric scooter