Comcast Sets $15 Price for Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ Bundle

One of the many streaming bundles of the season finally has a price. Dave Watson, president and CEO of Comcast Cable, announced the details of the Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ streaming option on Tuesday at J.P. Morgan’s 2024 Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference.

Titled the StreamSaver bundle, the package will cost $15 per month and will be offered as an add-on to Comcast TV or broadband, meaning it will be available to Xfinity customers. Comcast will also offer Netflix and Apple TV+ to its Now TV streaming-only service, which already has Peacock as well as over 40 ad-supported streaming channels. That bundle will cost subscribers $30 a month, compared to the $20 a month the package costs without the two streaming services.

The StreamSaver bundle will launch next week to Xfinity customers across the nation. It will include Netflix Standard with ads, Peacock Premium and Apple TV+. That $15 a month delivers a savings of over 30%, or nearly $100 a year.

“The reason we did it in the first place was broadband. It’s for the broadband customers looking for simple, easy alternatives and this is a great streaming set of packages to bring to the marketplace,” Watson said at the J.P. Morgan event. “I think it’s a home run for consumers …We’re thrilled to have Netflix and Apple to be part of this.”

Watson also said that this package “certainly does open up possibilities down the road” for additional bundles.

Customers will be able to sign up for Xfinity StreamSaver or NOW StreamSaver by visiting The billing of the service will be managed by Xfinity and will be included in subscribers’ monthly statement.

The Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ bundle is just one option in a year full of streamers banding together. Earlier this month, Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney announced that they were moving forward with a Max, Disney+ and Hulu bundle that will have both ad-supported and ad-free plans. Though pricing has yet to be announced, the bundle is expected to be released in the summer.

Then there’s the much-discussed Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery sports bundle, which will combine ESPN, Fox Sports and TNT Sports. Little is known about that offering other than it’s expected to be available in the fall.

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