Confused Starfield pilot accidentally buys an entire faction's colossal base ship, somehow manages to fly it to another planet

 Starfield best ships
Starfield best ships

A Starfield player has somehow managed to purchase the entire home base of the Crimson Fleet, and has successfully landed it on a planet.

For the unfamiliar, the Crimson Fleet is a pirate faction in Starfield, and you meet them pretty early on in the spacefaring RPG when they attack you and your cohorts around a mining settlement. Their flagship is known as 'The Key,' and somehow, the player just below has actually managed to purchase the entire colossal spaceship itself.

I've got absolutely no clue how this happened, and I couldn't even begin to hazard a guess. That certainly is the UI for the ship vendor in the first screenshot just above, and the 'Home Ship' text certifies that the player in question has definitely managed to add the ship itself to their own fleet, and make it their default spaceship. It's always worth bearing in mind that this could all be the work of a mod, though.

Now I have to know whether the top brass of the Crimson Fleet are just being flown around space at will by this one player. Do they just go along with it? Well, perhaps "flown" is a generous statement, considering the player admits above that the behemoth spaceship can barely fly.

"This is probably the wildest thing I’ve seen yet," the top-voted comment under the Reddit post reads. Yeah, we're right there with you. "I don’t think anything can top this… the guy owns and moved around an entire f****** main faction base... I’m speechless," writes another. "When you get tired of traveling back and forth to turn in quests so you decide to bring the whole faction with you," adds a third player.

How did Starfield let this happen in the first place? Surely the player being in possession of The Key breaks quests relating to the Crimson Fleet after the player joins them since they basically don't have an HQ anymore. This is surely some weird bug, and if it is, then it's probably doing the player's game state more harm than good.

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