Conor McGregor 'absorbed information' from Jake Gyllenhaal on Road House set

Conor McGregor learned a lot working with Jake Gyllenhaal credit:Bang Showbiz
Conor McGregor learned a lot working with Jake Gyllenhaal credit:Bang Showbiz

Conor McGregor "absorbed information like a sponge" while working with Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Road House'.

The 35-year-old UFC star makes his acting debut opposite Jake in the remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze movie and he's admitted he took time to learn everything he could from his co-star and their director Doug Liman.

He told "I would have been in no shape to do this without Jake G and director Doug Liman. I absorbed the information like a sponge off of them and I was asking questions every single day. Every single set. Every single scene. And I'm blessed. I really am ... I landed on my feet right at the top.

"Jake is a veteran of the game. Doug Liman is a veteran of the game."

He went on to insist he plays a role in his public life as a fighter and those skills lent themselves well to acting. Conor added: "I'm definitely playing a role. No one knows the real Connor and that lends itself well to this craft ... I feel like I could play any role."

When asked what his idea next role would be, the sports star replied: "I'm happy with this one for the minute. It took a lot of hard work to do this one. I'll, just regroup after this, get back into the gym and get ready for a fight."

It comes after Mark Wahlberg revealed he wants Conor to star in one of his movies.

The 51-year-old actor revealed he would jump at the chance to feature the UFC star in one of his films, saying that he believes Conor, 34, has what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

When questioned on the Barstool Sports podcast 'Pardon My Take', about Conor previously challenging him to a fight, Mark said: "You know it's funny because I was talking to Ari [Emanuel - Mark's agent] and Dana [White - UFC President] when the whole thing was happening and they were just kind of joking around, throwing out some numbers and my son came up to me and he goes 'Dad, don't you dare. Don't even think about it.' My 16-year-old.

"I've been a huge of the UFC and I'm a huge fan of Conor. I think what he has been able to do for himself and the sport is fantastic. I think he was just frustrated because when WME bought the UFC, he was the one driving the business, so he was a little frustrated that guys were buying it and making money.

"I gotta get Conor to be in a movie. In the right movie, absolutely."