Coronation Street's Lauren faces arrest after a big mistake

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Lauren Bolton faces serious consequences next week following a violent outburst.

Lauren has been trying to turn her life around following the imprisonment of her dad Reece, but has been struggling with her jealousy over Max Turner's budding relationship with Sabrina Adetiba.

Next week, Max makes out to Lauren that he's spending the whole day at college but instead heads off to the precinct with Sabrina. Lauren spots the couple together and is hurt that Max lied to her so that he could spend time with Sabrina.

Later at the café, Lauren's jealousy gets the better of her and she attempts to annoy Sabrina by lying that she and Max are an item.

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Sabrina confronts Max about Lauren's comments, and he tries to assure her that Lauren isn't telling the truth.

The situation finally becomes too much for Lauren and she cracks, violently trashing the salon when she's alone.

Meanwhile, Max's decision to skip college has him at odds with David Platt. David makes it clear that if Max isn't interested in continuing his education, then he can start training as an apprentice hairdresser at the salon.

However, Max receives a shock when he lets himself into the salon and discovers the mess Lauren made. Lauren confesses she lost her temper and trashed the place, and together the pair do their best to tidy up.

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In a bid to protect Lauren, Max promises to cover for her but is left with some explaining to do when David and Maria notice the broken mirror.

Later, Lauren is confronted the café by a police officer who tells her she's being arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Cait Fitton, who plays Lauren, recently spoke to Digital Spy about her character's frosty relationship with Sabrina.

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She explained: "The feelings Lauren has aren't through hatred or spite, but it's just through heartbreak. Lauren is utterly heartbroken because Max was her last resort. She's come back and her whole world has just fallen apart.

"When things get too much, we automatically explode and take it out on different people. But I don't think it comes from hatred towards [Sabrina]. I just think Lauren is really struggling to get her head around the fact that she's been gone these past six months – she's been lonely but Max has been moving on."

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