20 People In Swing States Confessed How They REALLY Feel About The 2024 Election, And I Appreciate The Brutal Honesty

20 People In Swing States Confessed How They REALLY Feel About The 2024 Election, And I Appreciate The Brutal Honesty

Hi everyone, we're back with BuzzFeed's 2024 Election Diaries! Inspired by one of the most divided election years in US history, I asked different groups of voters what their #1 political issue is AND which candidate they plan to vote for in November.

BuzzFeed's 2024 Election Diaries cover features a ballot box, two American flags, and the text "First-hand takes from real-life voters."

This week, we're focusing on battleground state voters.

Map of the United States with brightly colored arrows pointing to Wisconsin, California, New Mexico, Missouri, and Georgia
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Recently, I asked voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to anonymously share their plans for the 2024 presidential election.

Pie chart showing voting intentions for the 2024 presidential election: Biden 78.3%, Trump 10.3%, RFK Jr. 2.4%, Undecided 5.5%, Other 3.6%

Here are 20 political confessions from real-life voters in swing states:

All voter images used are AI-generated.

1."The economy is my top issue because I can't afford to live in 2024. I'm voting for Trump."

Note pinned on a board with "TRUMP Voter" and a quote about economy, beside a photo of a man named Joey, 35, from AZ
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2."My top issue is ending US imperialism. I believe that Cornel West will truly fight for the people instead of attempting to maintain the status quo like one of the main party candidates."

Corkboard with pinned note stating support for Cornel West. Includes a photo of Finn, 27 from GA, sitting on a bench. Finn's quote criticizes U.S. imperialism
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3."My top issue is education. There are far too many people running for seats in NC that aim to dismantle public education. I'm not sure any candidate, particularly at the federal level, is worth a vote. Nobody actually cares about us, but rather the money big corporations can offer."

Bulletin board with pinned note and photo. Note quotes an undecided voter prioritizing education. Photo of young woman sitting on a bench. Name: EG, Age: 24, Location: NC
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4."Women's rights is my top issue. I want my rights back. I can't believe we've gone back in time, and unfortunately, what Trump set up in the Supreme Court allowed it. I could never vote for him, though Biden is definitely getting old, and I worry about our future as a country."

Photo and quote of Linda, 42, from Arizona indicating she's a Biden voter concerned about women's rights and the Supreme Court
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5."My top issue is the economy. I live in a write-in state, and I will be writing in Nikki Haley. I wrote her in last time. Trump and Biden will not receive my vote. It is pitiful that two old men are all America has to offer voters."

Paper note with quote about voting preference next to a photo of Bella, 64, expressing her stance on write-in voting
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6."My top issue is women's rights. I'm voting for RFK because he's the only candidate addressing issues and suggesting what his solutions would be instead of finger-pointing at the other two. He is the only candidate actually speaking on our economy, big government, policy, and the current state of the US."

Polaroid photo of Mary, 52, NC sitting on a bench. Text summarizes: Mary supports RFK Jr. due to his stance on women's rights, economy, big government, policy, and current US state
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7."The border and the economy are my top issues. I’m voting for Trump because he’ll close the border and deport millions of people here illegally, and he will restore our economy, military, and law enforcement."

Pinned note with text and a photo of a man on a park bench. Note reads: "TRUMP Voter" and has a quote about voting for Trump. Photo caption: "Ricky, 57, NV"
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8."I am absolutely disgusted with the way Biden has been handling the genocide in Gaza and is still sending Israel money and bombs. I voted for Biden last time, but I refuse to this time."

Split image with text quote on left about a voter's dilemma and a right side photo of a person named Alex, sitting outdoors

"I’m also not voting for Trump because he’s a white supremacist and a nutcase. I’d rather not vote at all than vote for a genocidal maniac or a racist idiot, and many of my generation feel the same."

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9."My top issue is the continuation of democracy. I'm a veteran who views Trump as a traitor to his oath of office, and his authoritarian views are the antithesis of what made America great."

Summary of a quote stating a voter's top issue is the continuation of democracy, criticism of Trump, and importance of America's values
Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

10."Trump made America great back in 2020. If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country."

A polaroid photo of a woman labeled "Irma, 35, NA" is pinned next to a note that reads "TRUMP Voter - 'Trump Made America Great back in 2020. If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.'"
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11."My top issue is preserving the rights of everyone: women, minorities, LGBTQ+ people, etc. I'm voting for RFK because what other choice is there? Is this really the best the country has to offer for president?"

A note titled "RFK JR Voter" with a quote about voting for rights, next to Terry, 54, from PA smiling
Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

12."My biggest issue is education and the public school system. I'm voting for Biden because he actually cares about public schools. He has people on his board who didn't all go to private school. He isn't saying schools are indoctrinating our children, and he wants free universal preschool."

Image of a note stating a person's support for Biden due to education concerns, beside a woman named Amanda
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13."Our southern border and immigration are my top issues. Donald Trump's lack of morals makes me sick, but he's a businessman, and that's what our country needs right now."

Image with text quoting a voter's opinion on immigration and Donald Trump, and a photo of an elderly woman named Glenda from Arizona sitting on a bench
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14."My top issues are healthcare and gun control. I think the cost of healthcare is the biggest scam in this country. The premiums, deductibles, in-network/out-of-network, it’s all ridiculous and confusing."

Pregnant person leaning on a railing outdoors, beside an excerpt about healthcare concerns titled "Undecided Voter"

"My third child was born recently. I had no epidural, no induction medicine, and was in the hospital for less than 12 hours; our bill was $17k. What exactly am I paying for?!"

Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

15."Women's healthcare is my top issue. As a woman and a mother with daughters, I want to ensure my daughters' freedom to make decisions about their own bodies. I served my country yet have fewer rights than a fetus in my state! Also, as someone in healthcare, I believe in access for all without fear of going bankrupt."

Text on a note reads: "BIDEN Voter. Women's healthcare is my top issue..." A photo shows Erin, 39, GA, a person in a medical uniform
Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

16."The preservation of democracy is my most important issue, so I’m voting for Biden because Trump is the most unqualified person to ever run for president."

A note reads: "BIDEN Voter" with a quote about democracy and voting for Biden due to Trump’s unqualification. A photo shows John, 63, PA, seated with a white dog
Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

17."My top issue is the cost of living. There are six months until the general election, and very little has been said about the cost of living. I am fed up with having to pay astronomical prices for groceries and energy due to ongoing shortages from supply chains, yet companies are posting record profits."

An undecided voter lists the cost of living as their reason for voting in the upcoming presidential election
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18."My top issue is the economy. Ultimately, I’m supporting RFK because the two main candidates are too old and incompetent to be running for office."

An RFK Jr. voter explaining that the economy is their reason for voting in the upcoming presidential election

"I also want to support a third-party candidate to try and hopefully make it feasible. By no means do I expect RFK Jr. to win, but hopefully, he will be able to prove that third-party candidates are feasible."

Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

19."I truly think that things were better under Trump. While my main concern is the border, my next biggest issue is the economy. I'm just about to graduate high school, and I know for a fact I'm not moving out of my parents' house for at least five years because everything is so expensive. I also think prioritizing random people who just come across the border over our own citizens is wrong. This is the very basic reason why the first vote I'll ever cast will go for Trump."

Notebook paper with handwritten text reads: TRUMP Voter. A quote discusses support for Trump, immigration, economy, and prioritizing citizens. Photo of Grace, 18, PA attached
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And finally...

20."My #1 issue is the economy. I’m voting for Jill Stein because, despite all the crowing about unemployment rates and the stock market, ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet while corporations gloat about record profits."

Jill Stein voter: Lailah, 43, PA. "My #1 issue is the economy. Dr. Stein has actionable plans to fix this, unlike Democrats who have failed for years."

"Dr. Stein has concrete, actionable plans for remedying this, as well as codifying abortion access, which Democrats have failed to do for 50 years and instead used it as leverage for votes."

Michaela Bramwell / Meta Imagine

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! In the next round, we'll focus on LGBTQ+ voters nationwide ahead of Pride Month. If you're a voter who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, we want to hear from you via this anonymous Google form. Your response may be featured in an upcoming post!

Responses have been edited for length/clarity. 

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