Couple arrested for allegedly having sex on a ferris wheel after child spots ‘bare butt’

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Two people were arrested for public indecency after disembarking from the Giant Wheel ride at Cedar Point, in Ohio, following a report of indecent exposure.

The episode occurred on Sunday when a group of two minors and two 18-year-olds told police in nearby Sandusky, Ohio, that they witnessed a couple in the cabin above them engaging in sex while on the ride.

According to a police report, the four passengers saw “the woman’s bare butt and the man’s penis”, which had allegedly left one person “traumatised”.

“We go on, and it was going well until we stopped at the top,” one witness told police. “My friend saw the couple in front of us having sexual intercourse and pointed it out to the rest of us.”

Another witness reportedly told police: “I was able to have a perfect view of their cart [and] They were going back and forth and laughing at us being visibly upset.”

Police said the four girls “could feel the cart shaking and see both the male and female moving back and forth”, and that the sexual intercourse continued despite the couple being seen.

The four witnesses added that they tried to alert staff on the ride but were unable to do so until it had stopped and they were at the bottom. That was when Cedar Point security and police were called.

Upon being questioned, the couple – David Davis and Heather Johnston, both aged 32 – denied having sex in front of the witnesses before admitting to their actions.

They were arrested for public indecency and taken to Erie County Jail, with the couple facing a misdemeanor of the 1st degree because two witnesses were minors.

According to Fox8, they were both released on bonds and are due to face a court.

Police added that they contacted the parents of the two minors to informed them of the situation.