Couple Feel 'Blessed to Be Alive' After Diving Into Ditch During Texas Tornado

A couple in Orange, Texas, say they “feel blessed to be alive” after they were forced to run from their RV and dive into a ditch to shelter as a tornado touched down nearby on January 24.

The National Weather Service called the situation in Orange “life threatening”, and urged people to “seek shelter now!”

Dramatic footage by Zachary Peck-Chapman shows him and his partner running from their RV with their dogs and diving into ditchwater at the Country Livin’ RV Park in Orange. “Scariest moment of our life,” Peck-Chapman tweeted.

“We feel blessed to be alive and to have our tiny home on wheels intact,” Peck-Chapman told Storyful. “We knew there was a warning in the surrounding area, but we didn’t feel it was safe to drive out in the weather.”

Peck-Chapman said that there was “only minor damage at the RV park, and the owners were out immediately to help move campers back on their blocks and reassure everyone that things would be OK!” Credit: Zachary Peck-Chapman via Storyful

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