Couples, it's time to start sharing all your clothes with each other — not just sweatshirts

Couples, it's time to start sharing all your clothes with each other — not just sweatshirts
  • Sharing clothes with your partner can be a smart fashion move, stylist Erin Eagle told Insider.

  • The practice is convenient, makes for coordinated looks, and helps couples stay trendy.

  • Baggy jackets and accessories like tote bags are the perfect garments to start with.

Who hasn't stolen a sweatshirt from their partner before?

It's a universal experience, one that people partake in to remind themselves of the ones they love.

But as stylist Erin Eagle recently noted to Insider, borrowing your partner's clothes can also be a smart style move.

"With the rise of streetwear and that kind of style, baggy clothes are in," Eagle said. "Unisex fashion has become trendy and practical, and men's and women's styles are blending together."

Eagle, who founded the outfit-inspiration site A Style Set, said baggy clothes are often best to share so that couples don't have to worry about size differences.

"Outerwear works really well — like oversized blazers, baggy jeans, oversized tees, and hoodies — but also streetwear-style clothing in general," she said.

Amena Ahmed, a nonbinary journalist who studied fashion, previously told Insider that tote bags and plain tank tops are also great gender-neutral options to stock your wardrobe with.

A person carries tote bags in Berlin, Germany.
If you want to share clothes with your partner, tote bags are a good place to start.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Of course, sharing clothes can also be extremely convenient. There's no need to worry about splitting closet space if you can simply share with your partner.

But if you're more focused on fashion, Eagle said a shared wardrobe can also help couples look more cohesive together and stay on trend.

Among the (sometimes controversial) styles brought back by Gen Z in recent years are low-rise cargo pants and thick denim maxi skirts.

The wide-fitting bottoms are just two examples of oversized clothes that the younger generation loves. They're also into massive blazers, T-shirts that look more like dresses than tops, and of course, baggy jeans.

So if your partner happens to wear clothes bigger than yours, their pieces might be a gateway for you into the trend.

"Baggy clothes can work really well on everyone," Eagle said.

billie eilish concert
Billie Eilish performs in London, England, while wearing an oversized top.Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Live Nation UK

Styling oversized pieces — whether they come from your partner or elsewhere — is a science in itself.

Eagle said you don't want your clothes to overwhelm your frame, so wearing an oversized top with wide-legged pants is generally a no.

Instead, Eagle suggested wearing a top with a hemline that sits just above your pants.

"Try choosing one baggy item and styling it with a top that is on the fitted side," she said. "For a girl, baggy jeans and a fitted cropped tee always works. For a guy, I would suggest baggy jeans with a shorter top that hits just below the waistband."

"The same can apply to styling a baggy top," she added. "To avoid overdoing the oversized look, pair the top with straight-leg trousers or a miniskirt."

Influencer Ellie Delphine attends Paris Fashion Week.
Influencer Ellie Delphine attends Paris Fashion Week.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

So if you're ever struggling with what to wear, turn to your partner. And don't sweat it if their T-shirts and jeans are a little bigger than what you'd normally wear.

"Just take a peek inside each other's closets and have fun with it," Eagle said. "You can share more than just one sweatshirt."

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