COVID-19: Cabbies, drivers can eat meals in vehicles, void decks or park benches

FILE PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore
FILE PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore

SINGAPORE — Cabbies and delivery drivers who find it impractical to return to their offices or homes to have meals are allowed to eat their meals in their vehicles, or at public spaces such as void decks and park benches.

In an update to its “Frequently Asked Questions” page on its official website, the Ministry of Health (MOH) clarified on Sunday (12 April) that workers in essential services or whose work requires them to be on the move can have their meals in public without facing prosecution during the enhanced safe distancing period to curb the spread of COVID-19.

However, these workers should dine alone and keep at least one metre from another individual while doing so. They should also dine quickly and leave the public space in a clean state after eating their meals.

Furthermore, the workers should carry identification to indicate their employment status as essential service and selected service workers, and provide the identification upon request by safe distancing ambassadors, enforcement officers and the police.

Hawkers can eat meals at tables in front of stalls

Hawkers and coffeeshop stall operators may also eat their meals at tables in front of their stalls. Likewise, they should dine alone and keep at least one metre from another individual, and they should not share tables with other individuals or congregate.

Meanwhile, MOH urge employers of essential-service workers to provide suitable sheltered space to eat their meals.

If the workers have fixed work stations which are suitable for consuming food, they should also be allowed to eat their meals by themselves there.

Premises owners and managers who have essential-service workers working within their malls or buildings can also designate an area within their premises for these workers to have their meals.

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