New Crazy Taxi Game Could Be Multiplayer, Sega Says

New Crazy Taxi Game Could Be Multiplayer, Sega Says
(Photo Credit: Sega)

Crazy Taxi isn’t really known for multiplayer beside the PSP port, but all that could change with the brand-new game that’s currently in development. While we don’t know much about the continuation of the classic arcade series, Sega has given us a bit of an insight into what the team has planned.

Crazy Taxi will be like a theme park

In a recent video over on the official Sega channel (auto-translated by YouTube), the upcoming Crazy Taxi game may offer online multiplayer. At the very least, members from the development team have said they are certainly considering it, especially seeing as the franchise is mainly known for its solo experience.

In the video, the people from the Action Team say they are currently in the process of “verifying” and “evaluating” the concept of making the game multiplayer, which requires looking into “network-related things.”

Alongside this, the Level Design Team has been discussing the open-world city where Crazy Taxi will take place, adding that they want to “emphasize the feeling of freedom.” One team member describes the map as having a “theme park-like atmosphere.”

The game was announced towards the end of 2023, along with a new Jet Set Radio in development, as well as some other projects from Sega.

Crazy Taxi traces its origins all the way back to 1999. The original game tasked players with driving the titular vehicle around a city, picking up and dropping passengers off. The latest installment will be the first entry in the series in a long time. While there have been Crazy Taxi mobile games, as well as a PlayStation Portable version of the original two entries, the new game will represent a return for the franchise on console since 2003’s Catch a Ride.

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