Crosskix launches waterproof EVA running shoes

A new shoe brand based in Portland, Oregon, hopes to make waves in the fitness market with a shoe made entirely from EVA, similar to the infamously clunky Crocs, but in the shape of a running sneaker.

EVA, a soft form composite used in all kinds of sports gear and major brand running shoes, is famed for its functionality and light weight but is mostly relegated to the sole of a shoe, with styles like Crocs being the exception. The new Crosskix sneaker aims to fill the void with a pair of running shoes that are lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and recyclable -- the company perhaps takes it too far in describing them as "sexy."

Announced this week, Crosskix is currently promoting its footwear on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with a limited number of pairs available for $39. Once those run out, there is a second limited run available for $44. Final price is $49.

The shoes aren't designed to replace basketball shoes or soccer cleats, but they are recommended for running, cycling, or walking, as well as foot recovery after playing sports. To wash the shoes, all you need to do is rinse them off with soap and water.