DAB down: LBC broadcaster Global radio battling ‘technical issue’ as users report signal failures across UK


Popular radio stations including LBC and TalkSport are currently down for many users amid a “technical issue” that is affecting DAB signals in parts of the UK.

Global Radio said they are “aware” of the ongoing problem and are in the process of working to resolve it as soon as possible.

The problem is thought to be because of an issue with radio masts and there have been reports of it affecting multiple stations via DAB.

News of the issue was circulated on Twitter (X) this morning, where a user asked if anyone else was experiencing difficulties at 5:55am.

“Is anyone else not getting DAB radio this morning? None in my car nor my lorry,” they wrote.

This prompted a second user to reply: “I’m glad it’s not just me, I was getting patchy coverage at best in my car and then I jumped in my lorry and was getting even worse coverage, figured it must have been a service issue.”

A third Twitter user explained that while they could get an issue through WiFi, they struggled to access the radio via other channels.

Addressing Chris Moyles and Radio X, they wrote: “Is there an issue with a transmitter in the Stoney Stanton area? No signal on my DAB radio and the back up buzzer blew my brains out this morning.

“I get signal on Alexa which is through the WiFi. Just thought you should know.”

“Seems everyone having DAB issues,” wrote a fourth Twitter user. “Really patchy this morning on various stations.”

A fifth user added: “Same issue in Liverpool. Radio X Classic Rock is fine but Radio X itself is on and off every 5 seconds.”

LBC is reported to have been affected  by the outages (LBC)
LBC is reported to have been affected by the outages (LBC)

News of the outage follows controversy surrouding LBC after presenter Sangita Myska stepped away from presenting last month.

The move came after Myska was involved in a heated argument with a spokesperson from the Isreali government over ongoing military action in Gaza.

However, after intense social media speculation and a petition to bring her back, the channel asserted that Myska was no longer on air because she had come to the end of her contract.

LBC said: “Sangita Myska is leaving the station at the end of her contract after nearly two years with the station.”

DAB radio is one of the standard broadcasting services in the UK and is designed to improve audio quality and decrease the number of transmitters required.

The Independent is monitoring the situation and will issue updates when available.