‘The Daily Show’ Criticizes $500K Price Tag for Biden’s NYC Fundraiser: ‘Save That Money for a Supreme Court Justice’ | Video

“The Daily Show” host Jordan Klepper attacked the price of attendance at President Joe Biden’s New York City fundraiser Thursday.

The event gathered former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to support his 2024 reelection campaign. Hosted by Mindy Kaling, the Radio City Music Hall event also advertised performances by Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo and Lea Michele.

“Wow, Biden, Obama and Clinton all in one show. It’s like Coachella for the kids who asked the teacher for more homework,” Klepper joked. “This fundraiser is serious. Some people are spending $500,000 to be there.”

“Guys, I’m sorry. This just feels gross,” he continued. “$500,000 for access to a president. That’s not how democracy should work. Save that money for a Supreme Court justice. Much better bang for your buck. Shell out for an RV and a jet ski and you’re there.”

Klepper then addressed the photo op of the three politicians, taken by Annie Leibovitz, who is renowned for her portraiture often involving celebrities in the nude.

“I will say, it must be a unique experience to have your picture taken with three presidents. And it’s not just any photographer. It’s Annie Leibovitz, maybe the most famous photographer,” Klepper added. “She did that one of Demi Moore pregnant and naked, John Lennon hugging Yoko naked, Sting in the desert naked. The point is you are going to have to be naked. Don’t worry, Bill Clinton is way ahead of you.”

As of Thursday before the event, the fundraiser had already netted $25 million and a predicted 5,000 supporters. As an introduction, the comedian joked that money is one of the founding principles of American democracy.

“The green was out today when President Joe Biden made history with the biggest one-day cash grab of all time,” Klepper noted.

Elsewhere, Pro-Palestine protestors disrupted the programming of the expensive New York City event, claiming that it was “funding genocide in Palestine.”

Watch the entire segment, below.

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