Damon Lindelof Calls on Democratic Donors to ‘Dembargo’ Until Joe Biden Drops Out of the Presidential Race

In a column for Deadline published Wednesday morning, “Lost” and “Watchmen” showrunner Damon Lindelof, who is also a major longtime donor to the Democratic Party, called for a total cessation of contributions unless Joe Biden steps down as the party’s presidential nominee.

“I propose a DEMbargo. No checks written. No ActBlue links clicked. For anyone,” Lindelof wrote.

The column, comes just over a week after Biden’s disastrous debate appearance against Donald Trump, a debacle that has led to increasing calls for Biden to step down.

“Our president’s debate performance has been characterized in many ways; disappointing, upsetting, terrifying… but for me it was simply game-changing. So yes, let’s go with the bullpen please. Let’s go with relief,” Lindelof wrote.

“I believe in Joe Biden. I believe in him so much that we wrote him a sizeable check as recently as two weeks ago. We had to considering his opponent,” he continued.

The column came just two days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s astonishing ruling granting presidents nearly kingly powers as part of enabling Donald Trump to get away with acts that prior to their decision were dire crimes.

Lindelof acknowledged the problems posed by Trump, who he called “The liar. The cheater. The rapist. The felon. Immune, immune, immune, courtesy of the highest court in the land. If elected, he would replace the two most conservative justices on that court with two who are thirty years younger. Which means my teenaged son will be SEVENTY before there’s even a chance at a balanced court. So … what is the remedy for imbalance?”

Lindelof’s answer: “Checks. Because the checks are what get us in the room where it happens. I wish that wasn’t true. I wish it was strength of character or viability of ideas. But it’s checks. Checks all the way down.”

Lindelof conceded his “dembargo” idea may “punish the entire team for the stubbornness of the pitcher,” but argued “it’s also common sense that if he stays in, they will also lose. A rising tide lifts all boats. A falling Biden sinks them.”

“I will admit, I am driven by the hubris implicit in thinking anything a Hollywood Elite says will matter to anyone. But I am also driven by purpose. And the polling. Oh God, the polling. He was behind before the debate. And it will not get better,” Lindelof continued. “So it has to be now and we have to move fast.”

“When they text you asking for cash, text back that you’re not giving them a penny and you won’t change your mind until there’s change at the top of the ticket. And when Joe finally leaves the mound, I will stand and applaud. Because he truly pitched a great game,” Lindelof said also.

Later Wednesday, another major Democratic donor, Netflix cofounder Reed Hastings also called on Biden to step down. Several major newspapers have also called for it.

Other figures like Vice President Kamala Harris, former President Barack Obama, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and “The View” host Ana Navarro have defended him. And so far, mailings from the Biden-Harris campaign insist he will remain in the race.

Whether Biden eventually drops out of the 2024 presidential race or not, he is currently scheduled to face off against Trump in their second debate on Sept. 10. He will also give his first TV interview since the debate to George Stephanopoulos for ABC News, which will air Friday in prime time.

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