Dan Trachtenberg to Direct New Predator Movie ‘Badlands’ for 20th Century Studios

Dan Trachtenberg, director of the 2022 Predator prequel “Prey,” is reteaming with 20th Century Studios for another installment in the sci-fi thriller franchise, according to an insider with knowledge of the project.

The new film, titled “Badlands,” will not be a direct follow-up to “Prey” but rather an original story set in the Predator universe at some point in the future.

While the plot is being kept tightly under wraps, “Badlands” will have a female protagonist, akin to “Prey” which starred Amber Midthunder as Naru, a young Comanche woman who takes on a highly evolved alien Predator in early 18th century North America.

Trachtenberg is once again collaborating with screenwriter Patrick Aison, with Aison penning the script for “Badlands.” The duo previously worked together on “Prey,” which scored critical and commercial success, helping to rejuvenate the sci-fi franchise.

The original 1987 “Predator” film featured a star-studded cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura as elite commandos pursued by an alien hunter in the jungle. Directed by John McTiernan, the muscular action thriller helped solidify Schwarzenegger’s standing as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. It spawned three sequels – 1990’s “Predator 2,” 2010’s “Predators” and 2018’s “The Predator” – as well as 2022’s prequel “Prey,” set in 1719.

Trachtenberg broke out with 2016’s “Cloverfield” sequel “10 Cloverfield Lane.” The film marked Trachtenberg’s feature directorial debut after gaining notice for his inventive fan film “Portal: No Escape” based on the popular video game series.

Trachtenberg is repped by CAA and Grandview.

Deadline first reported the news.

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