Darius Rucker thinks the US is 'so divided' as as country: 'It's sad...'

Darius Rucker thinks America is "so divided" as a country.

The 58-year-old singer thinks it is "so sad" to see that his home country has become so split over political issues and believes that his genre of country music represents the "freedom of speech" that he wants to see more of.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I mean, division is part of a new American fabric right now. We're so divided as a country and it's sad to see. I don't want to say music is above that, but music is music. music. Everybody's going to make their music and say what they want to say, and that's the thing I love about our country. Freedom of speech… that's country music: You sing the songs you're going to sing and you stand by them. I’m not one to disparage anybody about freedom of speech. Even if I may not agree with you at all, I'll die for your right to say it. "

The Grammy Award-winning star - who is known for hits like 'Don't Think I Don't Think About It' and 'For The First Time' - explained that his music is always inspired by real-life events but that doesn't mean that any of his painful memories will stop him from performing a certain song.

He said: "The music came along after the story was being told. I really don't remember music not being something I thought about all day every day since I was little. Once we started telling the story, we were talking about music, and [these chapters] were the songs that really affected my life.

"I don't let any of 'em go. The thing for me is… when those songs come on, I get the memory of good times when that song was in my life."