This dating app allows sugar daddies to find their perfect sugar babies in Singapore and Malaysia

A money-for-love dating platform that was launched in Malaysia last 2016 has now reached Singapore with already 20,000 active users.

The SugarBook dating app allows users to choose their role upon sign up as a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy or Sugar Baby. The idea is to provide a safe and discreet networking environment online which focuses on anonymity and privacy between consenting adults to legitimately build relationships with benefits.

Free Premium Membership for Students

For only USD 49.95 monthly, one can register as a sugar daddy or sugar mommy. Sugar baby rate is USD 9.95 monthly. For students 18 years and above, they can get a free premium membership if they register using their university email address or show proof of enrolment under its promotion ‘Student Program.’

It’s very easy to register. First, choose your role between Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy, and Sugar Baby. Then, state your role, your fantasies, terms and relationship. Finally, find your ideal sugar partner with financial benefits. Once the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby has come to an agreement, both will receive benefits such as financial, love and companionship.

Other countries like the Philippines, United States, and India are already using the SugarBook. Singapore has the 2nd most active users next to Malaysia where 30% of the Sugar Daddy population is based. The app’s spokesperson also revealed that most of the Singapore users are young women between 19 and 33 of age including university students.

SugarBook is by the book

The SugarBook management believes that they are not crossing any lines or breaking any humanitarian laws. They are just simply a dating app like Tinder, OKCupid, or The company clearly stressed out that they are against vice activities, and do not allow any members below 18 years old to join the platform.

SugarBook may not be your typical dating app. But, if you’re wealthy and lonely, or in need of financial backup. This might just be the solution to your problems. The company promotes that this app is for all individuals who enjoy the finer things in life. And, most of the time, as the agreement between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby goes on genuine feelings of love and long-term relationships form and grow.

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