David Beckham Says Letting Netflix Docuseries in ‘Overwhelmed’ Him: ‘I Think It’s One of the First Times’ | Video

David Beckham revealed in an interview with James Corden Thursday that his 2023 Netflix docuseries, “Beckham,” left him feeling “overwhelmed” — for what he said was “one of the first times.”

Centered on him and his Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham, the hit, four-part docuseries charted the family’s home life in addition to Beckham’s childhood and rise to sports fame.

“I think it’s one of the first times that I’ve actually ever been overwhelmed by something that we’ve done as a business and personally and as a family,” Beckham said on SiriusXM’s “This Life of Mine With James Corden.”

“Going into the documentary, you know, it took me a few years to actually agree to even do something like this because, you know, we are very private. And then obviously to do something like this, to celebrate the things that I’ve won and my family life and things like that — and I just didn’t expect it to have the reaction that it had.”

“Beckham” chronicled the journey of the two’s romance from when he was a rising football star and she was one of the It Girls from the girl pop group. Beckham said he was in awe of how much of a global sensation it was.

“I knew that people would like seeing the football. I knew people would like seeing obviously the family stuff. But the reaction has been incredible and it’s not just obviously been U.K., Europe. It’s been on a global level and wherever I’ve gone,” Beckham said. “Everyone’s seen it from like 10-year-old kids to 80-year-old granddads, and the reaction has been unbelievable and for the last six weeks, I’ve literally had to just stop doing stuff because, yeah. I needed to rest because it took actually so much out of me. More than I expected it to.”

One of the most difficult moments for Beckham to reflect on was when he was sent off during a match with Argentina in 1998, in which he received a red card for kicking Diego Simeone. The couple opened up about the backlash they received over the incident.

“It did because I’d never done that. That was the toughest part. You know, there was parts of my life and my career that I actually didn’t really want to go over again. That was the reason why it took me so long to come to terms to talking about it and I found it unbelievably hard to sit there and to talk to a director about 1998 because it was such a struggle,” Beckham explained. “That whole year and a couple of years after that was so tough for me on the pitch, off the pitch, just getting through that was difficult.”

“But in all honesty,” he continued, “at the time it didn’t feel like that. At the time, I was so protected by Sir Alex Ferguson. I was so protected by Manchester United, my teammates and the fans. There was a bubble around me and when I sat and looked at the archive, I was like, ‘Wow, I don’t remember that.'”

The four-episode series, which was directed by Fisher Stevens, dropped Oct. 4, 2023 on Netflix.

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