‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Best Friends Day Teaser: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Team Up to Save the Multiverse | Video

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are bringing their friendship to the big screen when “Deadpool & Wolverine” debuts on July 26, and the “Free Guy” actor is pretty thrilled about it — or, well, we think so. In a tweet that introduced the newest teaser trailer for the film on National Best Friends Day, Reynolds wrote, “I hope everyone gets to work with their best friend at least once in their lifetime. I know I can’t wait to finally do it.”

Because this is Deadpool and Wolverine we’re talking about, it’s not surprising that the trailer appears to portray the two as anything other than best friends. As rap track “Red and Yellow” by Irv Da Phenom plays, Deadpool tells Wolverine, “I’ve always wanted to ride with you, Log’. Deadpool… and Wolverine! Can you imagine the fun? The chaos?”

As they sit at a diner, Wolverine grimly asks if Deadpool will put his mask back on while the two are eating. “Super hard to eat while I’m wearing it,” Deadpool says.

“It’s super hard to eat when you’re not,” Wolverine replies to his horrifically scarred fourth-wall breaking companion.

If you missed it in one of the previous teasers, we also get Deadpool’s lovely fourth-wall breaking line upon seeing Ant-Man’s skeleton, “Paul Rudd finally aged!”

Later in the clip, Deadpool emphasizes to Wolverine that the “entire world needs you” before, in an engagement analogy, he adds, “Us? A team? The answer is ‘yes’!”

You can also spot what looks like a woman’s legs in a Deadpool costume at one point, which fans speculate could mean the introduction of comics character Lady Deadpool. While it’s unclear who would play the role, many have speculated that Reynolds’ real-life wife Blake Lively may play the part. The two met filming Reynolds’ first big superhero movie together, DC’s “Green Lantern.”

The highly anticipated “Deadpool & Wolverine” marks Deadpool’s official introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be the studio’s only major release in 2024. In addition to Reynolds and Jackman, Morena Baccarin, Stefan Kapicic, Rob Delaney, Brianna Hildebrand, Jennifer Garner and Emma Corrin all star in this third entry into the “Deadpool” series. The film also appears to feature material inspired by the “Old Man Logan” and “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” comic book series.

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