New Deal Offers 8 Great Shooters For Just $10

An image shows Doom 64, Dusk and Wolfenstein game covers.
An image shows Doom 64, Dusk and Wolfenstein game covers.

A new deal letting you create your own bundle of shooters, with options that include new classics like Dusk or older hits like Doom, is the best way to instantly fill your Steam library with some of the best FPS games ever made for just $10 or less.

As timeless classics like Wolfenstein 3D and Quake demonstrate, a good first-person shooter can often stay fun and playable decades after release. Even though those games are likely older than many of you reading this article, they still hold up and are worth buying and playing in 2024. Luckily, a new deal from Fanatical will let you grab these or a bunch of other fantastic shooters without having to break the bank.

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  • Anomalous

  • Chop Goblins

  • Doom 64

  • Dusk

  • Golden Light

  • Hard Reset Redux and Pathologic Classic HD

  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

  • Quake

  • Rage

  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  • Splatter: Zombiepocalypse Now

  • Super Buff HD

  • The Citadel

  • The Hong Kong Massacre

  • Viscerafest

  • Wolfenstein 3D

  • Ziggurat

  • Zombie Army Trilogy

A few recommendations: If you don’t own Quake, Doom 64, and Wolfenstein 3D already, toss them in the bundle. They are old, but still a damn good time. I’d also toss in Return to Castle Wolfenstein as it’s one of my favorite FPS games from that era. Any game with a kick button that lets you use it against Nazis is a winner in my book. Chop Goblins, while short and weird, is also a great little shooter worth checking out.

And let me stand up and declare my love for Rage, ID’s open-world post-apocalyptic shooter that might not have been the next Doom or Quake, but sure was a ton of fun (outside of the terrible vehicle stuff).

Anyway, even if you randomly threw eight darts at a board with all the game titles on it to pick your bundle, you’d still mostly be fine. So grab this deal while it lasts.


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