Desi Lydic Exposes Just How Little About The Bible Trump Really Knows

Desi Lydic isn’t buying the right-wing “hissy-fit” over International Transgender Day of Visibility falling on Easter this year ― especially from Donald Trump, who she pointed out is “not exactly an authority on Christianity.”

Lydic rolled footage of Trump ducking questions about the Bible during an interview. When asked for a favorite Bible verse, Trump called the question “very personal” and didn’t answer. When asked if he preferred the Old Testament or New Testament, he said, “Probably equal.”

“Trump talks about Christianity the way I sound at every book club,” she said. “Oh, um, my favorite part of the book? I have to say the, um, the title. And the symbolism. All the symbols. Definitely not hiding from my husband and children.”

She didn’t buy his “very personal” argument, either.

“I also love that he says, ‘I can’t talk about it, it’s too personal,’” she said. “Like he also has an NDA with the Bible.”

Lydic noted that the Bible never even mentions trans people.

“It does, however, say to love thy neighbor and to not judge other people,” she added. “And perhaps the most famous of Bible verses: Please do not sell me for $59.99 to pay off your rape fines.”

Trump, who a jury found responsible for sexual abuse, has been coming under criticism for hawking a $59.99 version of the Bible to his followers.

See more in the Wednesday night “Daily Show” monologue: