Diner en Blanc rules: No beer, no paper plates

One of the reasons Diner en Blanc in Paris has become such a success is that organizers are unforgivably strict when it comes to the rules, be it for sheer logistics, or for mere esthetics.

This year, the event expands to 15 cities across 5 continents, including Singapore, Sydney, San Francisco and Kigali, Rwanda, all of which will also be imposing the same rules to attendees in accordance with the spirit of the event, which celebrates its 24th edition in Paris this year.

Like the Parisian version -- which took place at famous tourist sites the Place des Vosges and Notre Dame this year on June 14 and was attended by 11,200 -- the only way to attend is to score an invite from a friend, and to know someone. Who may know someone else.

Should attendees flout the rules, they risk being blacklisted forever. Here are some of the Diner en Blanc bylaws attendees must observe:

-The best way to get kicked off the guest list is to not attend. The soirée is rain or shine, and presence is taken. Attendance is mandatory.
-The only acceptable color -- be it attire or table décor -- is white. Foldable tables must be between 28" by 32" (71 cm by 81 cm) and covered with a white tablecloth. Foldable chairs must also be white. In addition to reasons of uniformity and aesthetics (makes for better visuals) organizers have imposed the rules for space reasons.
-Men sit on one side, and women sit on the other. Women also have priority on the better view.
-Guests must bring a picnic basket for their dinner, laden with "quality" foods. Plastic cutlery and paper plates are prohibited. Food must be eaten off of fine china, and proper stemware and flatware used.
-Beer and hard alcohol like spirits are prohibited. Only wine and champagne are allowed.
-Participants must wear white and be dressed elegantly. "Originality" is encouraged as long as it is stylish and tasteful.

For more info, visit http://www.dinerenblanc.info/.