‘Disappointed’ Jon Voight Slams Daughter Angelina Jolie’s Pro-Palestine Stance

Danny Moloshok/Reuters
Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Veteran Hollywood star Jon Voight is “very disappointed” in his daughter Angelina Jolie for calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, accusing her of spreading “lies” over social media. Sitting in front of an American flag in a video posted to X and Instagram, the 84-year-old Voight began by saying that Jolie, “like so many, has no understanding of God’s honor, God’s truth.” He continued: “This is about destroying the history of God’s land—the Holy Land—the land of the Jews. This is justice for God’s children of the holy land. The Israeli army must protect thy soil, thy people. This is war. It’s not going to be what the left thinks—it can’t be civil now.” The Midnight Cowboy actor, who was raised Catholic, went on to denounce Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks, calling the militants “animals” looking to “wipe out Jews and Christians.” An outspoken conservative and avowed supporter of Donald Trump, Voight has rarely clashed directly and publicly with his more liberal daughter, from whom he is estranged.

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