Dodge to reveal final 'Last Call' car on March 20 in Las Vegas

Dodge is finally killing the Challenger and Charger after a long run that saw several high-horsepower variants and special or limited editions. That said, the automaker isn’t letting its flagship cars die without a party. Dodge started rolling out a series of “Last Call” edition Challenger and Charger models in fall 2022, but the final car missed its debut at SEMA in November due to repeatedly blowing engines in testing. Dodge recently announced a release date for the mythical muscle car and is turning the event into a full-on branded muscle car theme park at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Dodge said it would release the seventh "Last Call" edition car on March 20, 2023, at the iconic racetrack. The event will include drag racing on The Strip at the speedway, celebrity appearances, thrill rides, a Dodge car show, and parties. If you live nearby and want to attend, the reveal will be open to the public, but it’ll also be streaming on

Six others in the series have already landed, including unique takes on both cars. As holdouts from a time long gone, the large six- and eight-cylinder cars don’t have a place in today’s quickly electrifying auto market, so the writing has been on the wall for the Charger and Challenger for quite a while.

The cars’ replacements haven’t been named directly, but Dodge has been trotting around a surprisingly fully formed electric muscle car concept that fits the bill. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept will also be on display at the “Last Call” event, offering what Dodge says is a “giant step forward on the performance brand’s road to an electrified future, offering a perception-shattering concept that reimagines what a muscle car can be.”

It's unclear if the concept will be available for thrill rides or if it will be a static display, as it has been at recent auto shows. Dodge has shown the car in motion, albeit slowly, several times and has demonstrated its ultra-weird synthetic exhaust. We’ve also seen the whole interior of the vehicle, which looks production-ready, so this car or something very much like it is coming soon.



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